2020 Eli ZERO Reservation Program

Updated 7 months ago by Marcus

Eli ZERO is now available for reservation.
Reserve your Eli ZERO HERE

Eli ZERO will be available in limited quantities to reservation holders later this year in selected regions in Europe, and in selected States in the US. Delivery may vary by region, and by the order your reservation is received.

Learn more about Eli ZERO's regional availability HERE

As a reservation customer you’ll reserve the right to receive Eli ZERO much earlier than general availability. We will begin shipment later this year in limited quantities. At the moment we are facing both high demand and limited production capacity. The reservation system is to ensure earliest availability to reservation holders before general availability. Once reserved we will keep you updated regarding the availability in your region, once your vehicle is available to purchase a local dealer will be in touch to follow up and complete your order.

Questions? visit Reservation FAQ here or Email us anytime at reserve@eli.world.

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