Eli ZERO Reservation Program

Updated by The Eli Team

Reserve your Eli ZERO HERE

Existing reservations holders:

Please note, for your convenience we have released all reservation deposits in June 2021. Rest assured, early reservation holders will still enjoy the right to purchase Eli ZERO earlier than general availability. Once Eli ZERO becomes available in your region, you will be the first to know, and we will contact you to confirm the next steps. 

Learn more about Eli ZERO's regional availability HERE

Since the beginning of our reservation program we have received overwhelming interests from people all over the US and Europe. Some have emailed us enthusiastically and expressed their passion for micro-EVs. This has became a great source of motivation for our team. In 2021 we successfully began producing Eli ZERO in very limited quantities. However due to restraints we are only able to deliver a number of vehicles in 2021 starting in Europe, with US deliveries delayed to 2022. Thank you for your patience, we can’t wait to have you experience Eli ZERO soon.

Questions? visit Reservation FAQ here or Email us anytime at reserve@eli.world.

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