What sets Eli ZERO apart from regular cars?

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Eli ZERO is classified as an NEV in the US, and as a Light Quadricycle in Europe.

Think of it this way: the Eli ZERO is to conventional cars what the iPad is to laptops. It's simple, fun, and convenient, perfect for daily short trips, and it sets a new standard for a truly "personal" mobility experience.

The Eli ZERO is also much more efficient than traditional automobiles, enabling significant savings.

At just 4.5 ft wide, 5.4 ft tall, and around 7.4 ft long, it‘s a compact marvel—one-third the size of a sedan—allowing for easy parking and effortless navigation between cars and on narrow streets with a tight 23-foot turning circle.

Its smaller size and batteries lead to reduced lithium and energy requirements, as well as fewer materials and components. The Eli ZERO is three times more efficient than standard electric cars and up to ten times more efficient than conventional cars.

You can conveniently charge the Eli ZERO from any standard 110V outlet in the US or a 220V outlet in Europe, with a full charge taking just ~2-4 hours at 220-240V. For faster charging throughout the day, the Eli ZERO is also compatible with public AC charging stations, making it the perfect ally for your everyday travel.

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