Investor Accounts

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Investors Accounts

Investors who previewsly invested in Eli can view their individual investments by logging into their accounts managed by our Transfer Agent (Colonial Stock Transfer). If you are an investor, you should have received an email from our Transfer Agent with detailed login instructions. If you have not received an email regarding your account information, please check your SPAM inbox, or email us at

Shares from Ongoing Round

If you have invested in Eli through multiple equity crowdfunding rounds, investments from the ongoing equity round will not be shown in your account, until after the round is closed.

Pre-existing Account with Colonial

Shareholders who already have an account with Colonial should log into their already-existing account and then link the Eli Electric account using the account numbers they were provided. If they run into any problems, they can email our shareholder support team at

Your Investments drive our progress. You may continue to support us by increasing your investment, and participating in our latest round of investment. Thanks for being an early investor of Eli!

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