Cost of Ownership

Updated by Ekitzel Wood

If using the ZERO or ZERO+ for trips of 10 miles or less* the average family would save $1,025 on fuel cost alone. The reduction on maintenance costs; fewer oil changes (3 fewer per year), fewer tire rotations (2 fewer per year), generally less wear and tear on your standard family vehicle, with average savings of $185 just on oil changes and tire rotation.

But how much will it COST you to operate? If using the car for the 74% of car trips that are 10 miles or less, and with the average national cost of electricity it will cost you about $1 per charge which will give you an 85-mile range on the ZERO+, it will cost $116 per year to power the vehicle.

*Average urban/suburban family trip of 10miles or less account for 74% of car trips in the USA. Average annual miles driven in the US is 13,346 miles.

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